Saudi German Company - Home & Industrial

Home & Industrial

  • Furniture Spring pockets: cushion and seat covers, decking material for sofas; mattress covers, spring insulators, p, quilt backing, and dust guard for indoor and outdoor furniture,
  • Inner lining & shoe linings
  • Household products: quilt, pillow and cushion inserts, storage cases, hanging organizers, wardrobes
  • Disposable products for airlines, trains and coaches: headrest covers and pillow covers
  • Packaging: reusable shopping bags, gift bags, electronic product packaging and flower wrap.
  • Vapour permeable sheets for roof constructions
  • Protective material for performance of outdoor work.

Furniture: Picket spring seating (cushion cover, seat cover, mattress cover, insulations, pad protector, dust guar,

Fashion: shoes lining